Importance Of Online Record Management System

Online Record Management System

At some point, all businesses deal with paperwork such as billing documents, customer records, contracts and project files. Dealing with such a mess of documents can be difficult, tiring and unproductive too!

Organisations that use paper lose a lot of time and cost a lot in terms of productivity. Online document storage solutions lower these expenses while also enhancing all business operations. Below, we’ll look more closely at how digitization might help your company.

Here are some benefits of online record management:

Helps you to be organized 

Digital storage of documents help you to be organized, as it is far simpler to find a document using an online document management system than it is to look through cabinets. Because everything is consolidated, you may search by a specific term or phrase to get what you’re looking for and you are no longer restricted to only accessing documents at the site where you are.

Digital Tracking 

You can better monitor sign-offs with the system’s digital tracking and reporting features. You can see which workers have approved a given document and which haven’t. Users with administrative rights can open any folder, choose a document, and download the document’s complete history.

Accessibility & Usability

Your company’s documents are kept centrally stored for quick access. You won’t need to stress about looking through cabinets for the information you need or worrying about missing documents. Online solutions offer flexible access that is always open and accessible from anywhere. This technology is interesting to users since it allows for file saving, organisation, and archiving.

Security & Privacy 

In contrast to physical storage, digital storage provides a wide range of security protections to safeguard your data from unauthorised access. You will have the ability to set permissions and keep track of who is accessing what. Furthermore, you will be able to safeguard your data against unanticipated events like power outages, fires, and floods. Business continuity is ensured in the event of a disaster by storing your data on remote servers.


A recent study found that the typical employee is only effective for 2 hours and 53 minutes each day. Given those rates, every company should be searching for ways to increase productivity. Employee engagement and focus can be increased with the use of online document storage. Your staff will be able to concentrate on activities that will increase profits by streamlining work procedures and automating administrative responsibilities.


Paper management is expensive. It has associated expenditures for printing, storage, physical delivery (through mail or fax), and time spent filing. Digital records may be accessed quickly, saving time on organisation and retrieval. Customizable storage capacity, increased flexibility, and significant cost reductions are all provided via scalable online storage.

Switch To CRC’s Online Document Management Storage System 

  1. Barcode-based record indexing makes it easy to recognise your records.
  2. Climate-controlled document storage with constant Video surveillance, an intruder alarm, access restrictions, and regular pest management.
  3. LASER-based record scanning, emailing, and faxing and real-time document retrieval.
  4. Internally Created Customized DMS Software

Capital Record Centre provides sector-specific record management solutions for a variety of data-sensitive enterprises and organisations, including legal firms, accounting firms, hospitals, educational institutions, government institutions, NGO’s, and the list goes on. The business operates throughout India and gathers, manages, and stores data using cutting-edge technology and qualified personnel. Visit the CRC for further details.


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