Should You Digitize Your Physical Records?

Should You Digitize Your Physical Records? If Yes, Then How safe is Your Digital Records?

According to conventional wisdom, “paper documents that are physically secured are the only way to store sensitive information securely”. People felt more secure using a physical lock and key rather than emerging digital data storage technology, which was also unreliable and insecure at that time. 

Trusting Digital Storage over Physical Storage

With emerging technology and inventions, people are trusting and choosing to digitize their documents rather than physically store them as digital storage and security have become more reliable and user-friendly. 

Digital files can be backed up in multiple locations and are therefore less susceptible to fires and other unforeseen disasters. Although they cannot be physically taken from their owners and kept from them, digital backups also have potential security risks. Learn how to manage digital files safely while growing your business.

What Data Should be Digitized?

Contrary to popular belief, physical storage isn’t as secure as one might think. Paper and film data breaches are incredibly common in hospitals. Here, Digital Record Storage comes into the picture! Secure long-term storage and secure quick-access storage are two essential aspects of document security that digitization helps with. 

Large databases can be kept for extended periods without taking up valuable office space or cluttering the office with cloud-based digital storage. There is no physical system that can match a secure cloud storage service’s easy accessibility for quick access to documents.

How safe are Digital Records?

Nowadays, the majority of data-sensitive industries blindly adopt cloud computing or digital storage trends to preserve their physical records, oblivious to the drawbacks of doing so.

However, in exercise, neither your digital record storage platforms are entirely cost-effective nor are they completely secure. Your records are more susceptible to hacking and other online threats when they are stored digitally and made publicly available. If you save all your company’s digital records all by yourself, then there are high chances of data leaks and hacking. Therefore, you need a reliable and trustable source for physical and digital record storage

Record Management By CRC

Taking such factors into consideration, CRC offers a comprehensive digital record management company that will assist you in preserving and storing your company’s physical documents while providing the highest level of data storage security. Capital Record Centre allows you to store and preserve millions of records in their off-site record centres that are supported by world-class technological infrastructure. 

With CRC, you don’t have to worry about challenging maintenance of your cloud storage or to keep a track of heavy digital files. Simply, give your physical records to them and end the burden of maintaining physical records once and all. 

Major Reasons to Switch to Digital Storage By CRC 

  1. Barcode-based record indexing enables the simple identification of your records.
  2. Climate-controlled document storage with 24/7 CCTV monitoring with intruder alarm, restricted entry through access control and frequent pest control.  
  3. Document retrieval in real time using LASER-based record scanning, emailing, and faxing.
  4. Customized DMS Software Developed In House. 

Capital Record Centre offers sector-specific record management solutions to a range of data-sensitive businesses and organizations such as law firms, accounting firms, hospitals, educational institutes, government institutions, and NGO’s and the list is endless. The company is operational in Pan India and uses cutting-edge technology and professionals to collect, handle, and store data. For further information visit CRC.

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