Reasons why you should go for Paperless Offices


For decades, businesses have been looking to cut down their paper usage by digitizing files and office processes. According to a study, 45% of the paper used in workplaces gets wasted and end up in a bin. But with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IoT, Machine Learning Technology, cloud storage, a paperless office is no longer a pipe dream; it seems more achievable than ever before. While for some sectors like healthcare, education and legal firms, paper can’t be eliminated. But, there are ample benefits of using less paper:

Streamlined Processes

There are too many things to do in an office and having cloud-based tools and storage is a blessing in disguise. It helps to access the information within seconds saves tons of effort and time. With Cloud-based storage, businesses can save money on paper, printing costs, fax machines, ink and other office supplies. All of your documentation can be stored in tools like contract management platform allowing the team to communicate to the clients and customers with a single click, ultimately increasing efficiency and productivity.

Opens up opportunities to work from home

From the past two years, businesses have faced unexpected delays and issues due to COVID-19, but at the same time working online and digitizing the work gave hope to the people. Pandemic has brought several changes and broadened the view of work from home. Digitizing documents gives you access to files anywhere in the world and save your time and effort. Your employees will be able to work on almost any assignment from the comfort of their home, beach or coffee house.

Effective and Error Free Communication 

According to a survey, digital transformation has allowed companies to become more customer-centric. Sending and communicating digitally depicts clear interaction and opens-up new opportunities to expand the business and create long term customer relationships. Things become less complicated between you and clients, when you store records online, because they’re easily accessible, helps in overseas announcements within seconds, and don’t take much of your office space.

Increased Data Security 

Physical storage of documents haunts everyone; therefore, storing information in digital form is the safer and more convenient way to protect client information with data encryption and cloud security measures. But if you are in the health sector, any legal firm or education sector, then keeping a hard copy of documents is equally important. Here comes the role of offsite document management services, they help in maintaining years of records safely and organized in warehouses. CRC – Capital Record Centre is one of the prominent companies to provide offsite record storage to small, medium and large organizations since 2009. They are responsible to keep your records secure with the use of CCTV surveillance, intelligent security systems, 24*7 manual security and controlled access to the rooms.

Offsite document storage not only helps in clearing up office space but also reduce operational cost while increasing the productivity of your employee. Get things easily accessed and organized with CRC.

Disaster-Proof Storage

Using digital technology to store critical documents, files or records can protect against unpredictable natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, fire or hurricanes, which is the biggest advantage, I guess. This is because; multiple backup points are possible by storing and keeping electronic files in a safe and dependable online database. Capital Record Centre also offer digital storage of documents as one of their services, you can have a read at their website at

Going Green

Last, but not least, going paperless means less electronic waste and less energy consumption. Not only this, using less paper or no paper at all contributes to cut-off the cost of printing, distribution, transportation of paper and packaging. Therefore, going digital is not bad at all, however, it supports easiness, safety, and effective communication among all. In the end, a paperless business is a green business.

Final Thoughts 

Moving towards digital transformation helps save time and money, because you’ll have more time to focus on your core business, rather than looking for files or documents all the time. Also, cloud-based storage is accessible to anyone from anywhere.


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