Easy, Simplified & effortless ways to maintain paperwork at the office 

In the present scenario, technology has led many existing companies to adopt newer ways to store data and manage their documents. But still, organizations will always have sensitive data, records, employee papers, customer documents, business partner credentials, and whatnot in the form of physical documentation. Many small businesses can handle records, but big industries including hospitals, legal firms, institutions, and corporates still juggle storing long hours of paperwork.

Do you feel those documents are taking over your office space instead of something prolific? If yes! Then, this is the time you should take action for better productivity, proper use of space, and saving time of course! We know that a company’s records and documents are crucial for the survival and existence of a business. Therefore, we’ve come up with some record storage solutions that will not only help you to streamline your work process but will also ensure the security of important papers and keep your office space clutter-free.

Set a Retention and Destruction Schedule

To run a retention and destruction policy successfully, it’s important that, as a business owner you lay out clear guidelines of how long different types of records should be kept in the office. Also, it should be specified that when a document that is no longer required is to be destroyed timely. Furthermore, papers can only be demolished once they have reached the end of their retention period. Regular shedding and disposal of unwanted records will help maximize the storage capacity, reduce the office mess, and keep the remaining documents systematized.

Off-site record storage services

Regulatory information is growing day by day and companies require maintaining a lot of documents and paperwork in the office. Considering space as one of the biggest concerns for paper-based management, especially for large companies, off-site record storage can be a sure-shot solution to this problem. The document storage facility can help to keep a track of thousands of records at one time and that too without compromising your office space.

If you are looking for an unlimited physical storage facility, then CRC can be a pick. Capital Record Centre (CRC) is one of the leading document storage solution providers since 1990. It has been successfully handling sensitive paper management for government allies, institutions, and the banking sector. The company is known for its intelligent barcode-based record management systems, high-tech security solutions, tracking methods, CCTV surveillance, and 24*7 manual safeties in climate-controlled rooms to ensure that your critical documents are safe and can be easily retrieved whenever needed.

Cloud Storage Management

Cloud storage is one of the valuable IT solutions for businesses of all sizes. It stores data on remote servers, allowing it to be kept, managed, and accessed from anywhere. Cloud storage is one of the incredibly safe and secure places for your confidential documents as it asks for permission whenever accessed from any device.

Capital Record Centre (CRC) also cost-effectively offers electronic document management. CRC collects, manages, and store the data by using highly advanced technology and expert manpower. Digitizing the important manuscripts helps in easy, instant, and authorized access to information and minimizes paper storage.

As the business grows, the need for storing documentation also comes into consideration. But, one thing you should always ensure is the security and safety of the important papers and the easy retrieval of the stored information. Therefore, choose wisely!

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