What All You Should Know About Cloud Storage Solution

Right from the invention of cloud-based online storage in 2006 to the 1 TB hard disk drive inventions in 2009, the way how we store data has completely evolved.

There are very few data storage solutions out there at present and to decide which one is the best is a tough task and also depends on the kind of business you are in. The size of your data along with the sensitivity of the data you are planning to store matters when it comes to going forward for a data storage solution.

What is needed for large MNCs or for government departments is way different than what is required for small-scale or single self-employed individuals.

What is Cloud storage?

  • Cloud storage enables individuals and businesses to store and retrieve computer files via an internet-connected device.
  • Cloud storage is getting popular among individuals who need huge storage space and for businesses looking for efficient off-site data backup solutions.
  • Because of cloud storage’s popularity, uses and demand, cloud security has now become a major concern to protect data, prevent hacking, and avoid file theft.

Cloud storage offers an easy way to store data in a safe and secure process. It enables individuals and businesses to keep the files stored with the cloud service provider and access would be given on any of their devices. Capital Record Centre (CRC) is the place to go if you need to manage your documents efficiently. CRC is equipped with state-of-the-art tech infrastructure to Digitize, Record, Manage, Retrieve documents, for more information, visit:

Cloud storage is also used to archive data that require storage for a longer time and is not accessed frequently, for example, certain financial records.


Cloud storage works by enabling a client’s computer, smartphone, or tablet to send and move files online to and from a remote data server. The same data is normally stored on more than one server at the same time so that clients can access their data in case one server is down or loses data. For example, a laptop computer owner may store personal pictures both on the hard drive and in the cloud in case the laptop is stolen the data can be recovered from the hard drive.

Why Choose Cloud Storage?

Did you know that cloud storage has many advantages?

Want to know how?

What if you don’t have to carry your essential documents with you everywhere you go and it’s still there, amazing right? It is because cloud storage enables you to access your data whenever your device is connected to the Internet. You can access your documents and essential files and start working from home, edit your work over the phone, walk in a meeting with your laptop and access your essential files from there too, yes! This is all because of cloud storage.

Not just this! With the right storage solution, one can allow other people to access the files and data for easy collaboration.

Specially designed for medium and small-sized businesses and individuals for personal use, cloud storage offers automatic data backup, so there is absolutely no worry if you forget to save a document or if your device gets crashed right before you were to save a file, it will be backed up safe and secure.

What is useful about cloud storage?

Many of us struggle to manage storage space where we either waste time scrolling through data we’ve stored to decide what will be in the bin or we buy new external storage space.

And it is not financially feasible to go for expensive software if the user is not that often, so going for cloud storage is wise to save on servers, networks, space, and money. And you don’t have to fret about the updates and maintenance of your software and systems.

Okay, but where is everything? Where does the information go?

Data that you upload on the cloud or run from the cloud stays on specific servers located in warehouses, which are called data centers, owned by the cloud service providers who maintain the servers.

The role of a data center is to keep your data safe from theft and ensure it’s available whenever you want to access it. CRC allows you to access your data and important files whenever you wish to and keeps it away from theft and destruction.

Cloud storage providers make several copies of the data you upload and intentionally store them in various locations to make sure that it won’t get affected, lost, or destroyed in any way, even if a natural disaster crosses over.

Cloud or No Cloud?

Coming with a solution for space issues is a little challenging where some businesses invest in-house data centers and larger hard drives to store their data, the other businesses prefer deleting old docs to save space.

Instead of deciding on which document to keep and which to delete or investing too much in building an in-house data center, choose a data storage solution provider. CRC is capable of managing your records for today and tomorrow that too safe and secure.

Precisely, the advantages of cloud storage are way too many. Cloud storage is cost-effective, convenient, incorporates automatic backing up, and makes it easier to collaborate in a day where working anywhere and everywhere is the norm. To put together everything cloud storage enables you to access important files and data via internet, saving space, time, and money.

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