Robust technology to store, sync, organize and manage your documents

Enterprises produce vast amounts of information in both electronic and paper form. Whether they are government offices, healthcare groups, legal courts, manufacturing businesses, insurance companies, or providers of higher education, companies perform best with the ability to manage and collaborate information with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.
At Capital Record Centre, In addition to Physical Records Management, We offer Electronic Document Management Solutions supported by a robust technology infrastructure to Capture/Scan/Digitize, Manage, Store, Preserve, and Retrieve Content and Documents related to organizational processes.

The Advantages

  • 1
    Intelligent Storing

    Records Intelligently & Find them whenever & wherever you need through logical indexing & barcoded tracking.

  • 2
    Secure & Controlled Access

    Secure Access to Authorized Personnel only through Biometric Access Control System.

  • 3

    Real time tracking to automatically identify and track the location.

  • 4
    Safety & Security

    Fire, Water & Earthquake Resistant Storage Units

  • 5
    CCTV Surveillance

    The purpose is to surveillance each and every thing going.

  • 6
    24x7 Manual Security

    For better situational awareness and quicker response times.

An Infrastructure that is truly World Class

Supported by a World class technological infrastructure which has been the strength of the CBSL Group. The entire Record Management Process is Secure & Confidential and leaves no stone unturned to keep your Records in good hands.
International Standard Racking
Fire & Water Proof Facility
Restricted Entry through access control
CCTV Monitoring With Intruder Alarm
Frequent Pest Control